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About Travel Bed Solutions

We are specialized B2B online accommodation wholesalers that contract bulk supply directly from hotels, accommodation partners and 3rd parties at fixed, discounted rates.

Hoteliers rely on Travel Bed Solutions to build relationships on their behalf with travel providers that can actively promote and sell their products. Travel providers, on the other hand, rely on us to supply an online portfolio of hotel inventory with availability, text and visuals which is both accurate and updated in real-time.
We are one of the most credible and stable wholesalers in the market, focusing on our directly contracted product giving us a healthy mix of dynamic and tour operator rates to offer you.

In short, we create and add value to both sides of the business, enhancing quality, connectivity, convenience, service and profit while also expanding global marketing reach. 


Find the best accommodation offer.

Our network of associated hotels guarantees an optimal reservation for your trust and that of your clients.  

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Suppliers Sell through TBS Global Marketplace

If you are looking for a new distribution partner to sell through, who will work with you to promote and sell your rooms to an engaged audience of thousands of travel buyers, we would love to hear from you. Please complete the below form and our Supplier Partnership team will be in touch. 


Our technology journey and marketplace platform strategy is continually evolving, always with the goal of delivering the most robust, secure, flexible and seller/buyer focused technology possible.

Our Supplier partners can manage their inventory through our proprietary extranet or via one of the 50+ Channel Managers and Hotel Switches we’re connected to.

Buyers can access our huge choice of global inventory through market-leading, trade-only booking websites or simple and seamless platform to platform API connectivity. 

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